INSTRUMENT:  Guitar, Keyboards

INFLUENCES:  Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Romeo, Vinne Moore, Greg Howe, Slash, Jeff Loomis, 

FAVORITE BANDS:  Guns N' Roses, Pagans Mind, Symphony X, Adagio, Iron Maiden, Nevermore

GEAR:  Suhr Guitars, E.S.P Guitars, Kemper Amps, (FULL GEAR LIST HERE) 

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Lord of the Rings + Hobbit, Dumb & Dumber, Almost every 80's movie

DRINK OF CHOICE:  Mtn Dew, Rum with cream soda

HOBBIES:  Recording, Producing, Video/Photo Shooting/Recording/Editing (SanGreal Studios)

MOST MEMORABLE SHOW PLAYED: With Yngwie Malmsteen at Mr. Small's Theater

WORDS OF WISDOM:  Most people's lives pass them by while they are making grand plans for it.

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