Order of Nine will be on WCAL radio show on Monday October 28 at 8pm.  Be sure to tune in for some exciting updates and news. 

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The instinctive insight that must be summoned from the vastly deep of our mysterious selves. Therefore, it cannot be taught; indeed, it cannot even be summoned; it can only be permitted. 

Metal Madness Fest- Celebrating 20 Years Of Metal Shop 101

Join Order Of Nine August 31, 2013 at Moose Island in Midvale Ohio.  Tickets are $10. Doors open at noon. 12 bands.  

Breathe Abigail



Curse The Wicked 

Live Evil 


Homicide Black 



Divinity Compromised 

Order Of Nine 

Voodoo Highway  

Get Tickets & Info Here:


Metal Madness Fest

Metal Madness Fest

 Welcome to the new Official Order Of Nine Website. 

This new site is intended to bring you the most up to date information and content of anything and everything Order of Nine.  If you would like to see content that is not currently being featured, please feel ask and we will try to accommodate.  Enjoy!


Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror Video

Please check out seventh year of the broken mirror video.  

Filmed over three days at various locations, shot by Ed Listisen who was at the helm of the video crane and various cameras.  A special thanks to Lizzie Strauch as the mirror mistress.  GML Media handled the editing duties, special thanks to Geoff.

Spiral Staircase Video

We are in the final stages of editing content and post production for the video of spiral staircase.  Look for it soon. 


Order of Nine - Knights Of The Nine DVD

We are currently working on a dvd that encompasses the full bloodline of Order of Nine.  This is your historical track record of the band, chronicling the early years of Templar all the way through to the recording and demo sessions for the seventh year of the broken mirror album.  A must see!

Available in August! 




New T-Shirts are on the way, featuring the artwork from the new album.  Front and Back Design.  As soon as they come in we will have them up for you to check out and order.



A few tracks from our latest release, Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror, will be featured in the upcoming horror movie entitled, 13 Score.   The movie is currently in post production and we will certainly post any current updates about the film as we get them from the production company.  

13 Score-  

In 1753 along the banks of the Monongahela River, something caused a group of inhabitants to become stark raving lunatics and commit mass murder. 260 years later, it's happening again.....



Reflections Interview

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