Eye Of The Enemy

Crying out another days been given

Cast of characters a twilight serenade

Is it all just black and white

Or are there different shades of grey

It is the blending of the two

That tends to confuse

I am lost on a course with no direction

Being cast about on oceans of my rage

I am torn apart and I have seen forever

Blinding both our eyes 

Now we must seperate

Who decides which will survive

The chosen one must fade away

Answers pending for a piece must die today

I'm left wondering why you call to me

For I'm the enemy

Did I not protect through all of our lives

Turn on me serve the enemy

Always with me since the day that I was born

Never leaving me the things that we would see

Together we taking on the world 

Discovery of prophecy

I'm the enemy created in my mind

I brought you to life form the wounds that never heal

Sanity on the line will the strong survive

Accident at birth

Born of darkness and of light

One of us must go, one of us must leave

Is it time for me to die I can not awake

I can not revive

The answers to the questions that I see

The enemy is me

© Order Of Nine | 2013

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