There's a place that I can go

So pull the coins up from my eyes

Hide them from the fairyman

So he won't take me

I would give up everything

To stare once more into your eyes

Until the hourglass is empty, I'll be waiting..

A fractured time, a twist of fate

Now I've become the fallen

This covenant I sweat to you

Eternity, I will wait for you to have the answer

What will you choose when you are called

I will be there for you

This one last time

My life is over now, it seems

I await at the banks across the great divide

The promise that I made to you, my dear

Will you share your coins with me

When it is your time

Or will another have taken your heart

Here we are, face to face

Your eyes say that you've chosen

Do your tears bring solace or regret

There was a time that you and I

Thought we had all the answers

I remain faithful

© Order Of Nine | 2013 | | |