To pretend was not my intent

To decieve and believe then amend I'll not

I will not betray you anymore

I will not enslave you to my goal

Dreaming of the visions I've lost

Now they're washed away

in the sand again

I will not be caught 

In the shadows of your door

And when sleep befalls you

You shall dream of me now more

Stagnant sacrifice on your behalf

I feel life draining slowly

Madness as with all things

Comes to pass

Unwoven sanity, a drowning soul

You try to pull me under

Played by your rules

But could not find the answers

To the questions

Answer shackles on my mind

That seize my will

Discerning fact from fable

I will not constrict you

Still the memory remains

© Order Of Nine | 2013 | | |